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Pushdot Review

Pushdot   Pushdot is a convenient iOS application that can be used to quickly send contact and social media information via different channels. With a wide range of emails, social media platforms and IM apps being used, it’s sometimes hard to manually keep track of all of your accounts. With Pushdot, you can tap a […]

Peace of Mind Review

Peace of Mind – Ad and Content Blocker   Peace of Mind is a special ad blocker for iPhones and iPads that gives the user control over what content they can block. With a range of three switches and three different strength settings, this app is one of the best options for taking control of […]

Movie Player+ Review

Movie Player+   Movie Player+ makes it super easy to play any videos or movies from any of your devices straight to your Apple TV. Whether you have an uncommon video file saved from work on your iPad, a large movie file on your Mac or an online stream stored on your iPhone, with Movie […]

LCD Games: Alien Invasion Review

LCD Games: Alien Invasion   This is a very fun mobile game that can be played straight from your Apple Watch. It should be worth noting that without the Apple Watch you will not be able to play LCD Games: Alien Invasion. If you do have an Apple Watch and you’re looking for a bit […]

Out of Breaks Review

Out of Brakes – Endless Arcade Racing Out of Breaks is an endless runner game that has a very unique art style. The gameplay itself is also great fun, but I’d definitely have to give points to the developer for creating something that does such a good job at captivating it’s players just through the […]

Instaviz review

Instaviz   Instaviz is a very handy utility application that can be picked up and used at any point in the day. With Instaviz, you can quickly create flowcharts, diagrams or mind maps. It’s incredibly simple to use Instaviz to visualize your thoughts and record them for later reference. In simplicity, Instaviz is a note […]

DialMask Review

DialMask   Sometimes, keeping your own phone number private can mean a world of difference. Being bothered by cold callers, business requests or even just acquaintances trying to make invitations can sometimes be a bit overwhelming, and as a result many individuals can be reluctant to hand out their number. With DialMask, you can save […]

GameOn Review

GameOn   GameOn is a great social sports application that can help sports fans to keep up to date with happenings from all of their favorite teams. If you’re a busy parent, business person or anybody else that doesn’t always have the chance to sit down and watch the game, then GameOn can help you […]

Engage Review

Engage   Engage is a news platform mixed together with elements inspired by social media websites such as Facebook or Twitter. With Engage you are given a news feed that shows you a look at news from around the world. The news feed on Engage is created by taking some of the largest media outlets […]

Veer Launcher Review

Veer Launcher   Veer Launcher is a useful app that can be integrated into your everyday life. With Veer Launcher, dealing with contacts, getting in touch with your friends and making calls is made a lot easier than standard iOS functionality allows for. With a bit of setting up, you are able to place all […]

Treehoven Bear Family Activities Review

Treehoven Bear Family Activities Jigsaw Puzzles   Treehoven Bear Family Activities Jigsaw Puzzles is a fun game designed for younger players. Whether you let your child play Treehoven Bear Family Activities on their own or if you play alongside them, your child is bound to have a lot of fun. This app does cost $1.99 […]

Haypi Adventure Review

Haypi Adventure: Kingdom of Glory   Haypi Adventure: Kingdom of Glory is a new strategic war game that is based on the Age of Discovery. In Haypi Adventure, players are able to take war to the sea. Players can build their own ports, sea towns and ships that can be sent out to attack other […]

Lottery Live Review

Lottery Live – Powerball, Megamillions And State Lotto Results   Lottery Live is considered to be the #1 app for keeping track of your lottery tickets. With Lottery Live you can track your mega millions and powerball lottery numbers and also be alerted if you manage to hit any winning numbers. There are other applications […]

All My Guitars – The Perfect Guitarist Companion

All My Guitars   All My Guitars is the perfect app for any enthusiast guitar collectors out there! Whether you own a single guitar or have a whole studio filled with them, All My Guitars will have it’s benefits for you. With this app, you’ll be able to categorize each of your guitars for your […]