I recently started to actually cook my own food, and I found out that good cooking apps aren’t as wide spread as I though they were. Granted, many of them have cool recipes, but for a beginner like myself it’s difficult to start off with fancy recipes that I certainly cannot master. Also, I would like to see some recommendations, not justa huge collection of recipes that I can try out.

While looking for a cooking app that fits these requirements, I stumbled upon MyCookingApp-Pro, an app that is at least good enough to fit my standards. I use it in all stages of the cooking process – this means that I first open it up when I go out shopping, so I know exactly which ingredients I need for whatever it is I want to cook that day. Most of the recipes I tried were detailed enough that I didn’t need to google anything, and by respecting them to the letter I managed to come up with some pretty tasty results.

As for the app itself, I liked the design and I found it easy to look for new recipes. The app doesn’t have any bugs (not that I have seen, at least), and it runs smoothly and without any crashes or stalls. What’s more, My Cooking App Pro is free so you get to try it without paying anything – that’s always a big plus.

So if you’re looking for a cooking app, My Cooking App Pro is a cool find!