mzl.dqztoqgp.175x175-75Bizarre Aquarium


If you were born sometime in the 1990s you surely remember those pocket devices we had that hosted those “virtual pets” we all loved. Well, if you’re too young to remember them or if you didn’t catch the fad when it was cool, then you can pretty much relive the experience of the Tamagochis right on your phone. Bizarre Aquarium is an aquarium (although, for gaming standards, it could easily get more bizarre) that you need to take care of and whose fish place their well-being in your hands.

Things seem absolutely fine when you first start the game with just a couple of small fish. And just like a real aquarium, it’s easy enough to maintain when you have just a couple of small fish. But once the alien robots show up, things start to get more hectic — wait, what?

Yup, Bizarre Aquarium really is weirder than the one your goldfish is staying in, but that’s just what makes it a lot of fun. I found the game to be extremely complex, with a ton of options for getting new fish, new weapons and new types of food. The graphics are cool and very fun, and the whole gameplay is unique and hilarious.

Bizarre Aquarium is available for free in the App Store, so pick it up and see if you have what it takes to be the master of the world’s most strange fish tank. And please, take care of your fish and feed them properly!