Bizntiz is the latest innovative app for home improvement.  Have you ever run had a problem with your household appliances or plumbing issues and a handyman is nowhere to be found?  It’s often frustrating and time consuming to find the appropriate contractor or handyman for the job.  And what about the handyman who help you fix your fridge last time?  Right, if you are like me, you have lost the contact information long time ago.   Bizntiz is created to fill the void in this problem space.  As home owners, you can post your jobs with photos, description and name your own price.  On the other side of the table, a handyman or a contractor can bid for the jobs posted the marketplace.

Bizntiz serves multiple functions at the same time:

To a homeowner, it’s a home improvement job posting platform to help him/her easily and quickly locate and compare the best handyman/contractor for the job.  Homeowner can create an account for free and start posting job right away.

To a contractor, it’s a lead generations tool with pre-filled initial assessment of the job.  Contractors are offered a 90 day free trial period and $19.99 / month thereafter.

To a handyman, it’s a nice platform to seek out small jobs and earn extra income.  Handyman are offered a 90 day free trial period as well and only $4.99 / month after ward.

Featured on demand services:
•Home cleaning
•Home remodelling
•Home cleaning

Download Bizntiz now and join the home improvement revolution today!