In my continued search for the best app with a unique concept, I present you My Living Will. Creating a will is on most of our to-do lists, even if we’re not ill or shooting off into space and being forced to create one, “just in case”. In general, it is a really good idea to have a living will made, and believe it or not, you can now do it with an app. Usually, wills tend to cost you a significant amount. Not enough to drive you into debt, but you can expect to spend at least a couple hundred dollars. Well, the main benefit of this app is that it costs just a fraction of that cost – $20. The process through which you create a will is as easy as can be. The form is simple to use, and there is a helpful, step by step guide that is there to allow you to make all the right choices and have a result that’s at least as accurate as one of the more expensive living wills. The developers have estimated that it would take you somewhere around 4 minutes to complete the living will using the My Living Will app, and after that it’s as simple as sending your will via email, printing it, giving it another read-over and signing it. After that, you’re done! So, if you are in the process of creating a will and you are looking for a cheaper, more convenient solution, then MyLivingWill is definitely a good choice to consider. 1626364453 DIYAppReview