Sometimes, keeping your own phone number private can mean a world of difference. Being bothered by cold callers, business requests or even just acquaintances trying to make invitations can sometimes be a bit overwhelming, and as a result many individuals can be reluctant to hand out their number. With DialMask, you can save yourself the pain by creating a new number that can work just like your standard phone number.

Once set up, anybody who tries to call or text the DialMask number will be successful, but your calls and texts will be handed to DialMask. You can easily set it up so your incoming calls and texts from the DialMask number aren’t as intrusive, and you can then keep your own personal number to yourself and those in your close family or friend circle.

DialMask uses a credit based system, so whilst others can contact you, if you’d like to get in touch with others via your DialMask number, you will need to purchase credit. Prices are pretty competitive though, so you won’t be looking at spending a fortune to use the DialMask number effectively. Unfortunately not all functionality works in all countries, but if you’re in the US, Canada, Australia, France, Germany or the UK, DialMask will work swimmingly for you.

The DialMask interface isn’t amazingly fancy but it does it’s job well and isn’t sore on the eyes. Perhaps in the future we may get a small interface overhaul and some extra features to make it easier to limit notifications and incoming messages/calls to the DialMask number.