i4Emoji Cam


There are default apps on your phone that do their job just fine, but we all know that there are better alternatives out there. One of these apps is the Camera, which is perfect if you want to take a quick snapshot of your life on the go, but not so great if you are looking for more features.

If you want more features from your camera, especially when creating videos, one free alternative I recently found is Emoji Cam. This is one of the most fun casual camera apps on the App Store, and you don’t need a degree in photography to use it. As I said, Emoji Cam’s strong point are videos, and it does them well: recording a new video and editing it is extremely simple and it takes just a little bit of getting used to.

After you record a video, switch to the edit view and you’ll be surprised by a sleek editing layout that lets you create stunning clips. Features like emoticons, speech bubbles and sound effects let you spice up your video with just a couple of clicks. What I found particularly awesome was that it only took a second to go back to shooting mode and reshoot a part of the video I wasn’t a hundred percent satisfied with. And then with just one click it was back to the editing mode.

Emoji Cam is free in the App Store and its extra features are bundled in in-app purchases that are available for $0.99.