In recent years, the subject of privacy on the internet was brought up with increasing frequency, and people have actually started to be aware of this when making important decisions about their internet use. I know that in my case, at least, it made me more conscious about what software I use, what tracks I leave on the internet and what messages I send my friends – and HOW.

I was more than happy to test Cypto-chat when I found out that it came as an alternative to regular peer to peer communication systems. The app’s developers aim to “put the security back into the hands of the user”. The way it works is that, to put it simply, it doesn’t work unless the other person also has Crypto-Chat. The app encrypts your outgoing messages and nobody can decrypt them without using the same app. The idea behind this system is that even if somebody does intercept messages on their way from your phone to another, they will only get garbled pieces of data and not the actual message.

An added layer of security comes in the form of a password – even if the receiver has the app, he will still need a password to decode the message. So for all you extra safe people out there, this could come as a good thing.

As for the app itself, it’s a pretty cool (and standard) messaging app. The app is free in the App Store so you can check it out at no cost.