Engage is a news platform mixed together with elements inspired by social media websites such as Facebook or Twitter. With Engage you are given a news feed that shows you a look at news from around the world. The news feed on Engage is created by taking some of the largest media outlets and providing the hottest snippets from all of these websites.

You can quickly read the hottest stories around the world by jumping through the different categories that interest you. You are also able to save any stories that you find to be of interest – this feature can be great if you plan to revisit the story at a future point.

Like mentioned before, this app also has a number of features that are very similar to social media websites. You can add friends on Engage and send them messages through the in-app chat system. You can share articles and comment on stories publicly or anonymously. Not only is this a great way to share your thoughts on certain news stories with your friends, but you can find those around the world that share a similar viewpoint as yours on different subjects. If you find a person making a interesting comment, you can add them there to talk in the future.

Engage already has a very decent interface and it’s features are certainly more original than many other similar news platform applications. In the future, Engage may get more features, and as more people start to discover Engage, the social aspect is only going to improve too.