FilmoraGo is a uniquely powerful video editor of iPhone/iPad.  Why do I say unique?  It’s because it’s rare to see an video editor with such beautifully designed interface.   For those who are familiar with professional video editing software like Adobe After Effect, Premiere Pro, or Camtasia, FimoraGo is like a breath of fresh air.

It extracts the most highly used functions from traditional video editor and combines them with the ease of use of Instagram, the result is stunning video editing on the go.  It must be a challenge to “translate” some of the features into the smaller device screen.  I especially like the layout of the transition functions and sliding presets.

You will start off by importing videos from Photos, Facebook or Instagram.  Next you can edit individual clips using any of the following features: trim, filters, overlays, elements, title, speed, volume, duplicate, rotate.   After you are done editing each clip, you can then add transitions, music and change the aspect ratio.

As a causal user, I prefer to pick a few of my favourite videos from a trip and make some quick light-hearted videos by using the theme feature.  I wish they will provide more theme in future update.  For the pro users, I highly recommend you check out FlimoraGo’s desktop version.  It is available on PC and Mac.  Check out this link for more details.