icon175x175Fuel Burner


If you are a subscriber to my often app reviews here, you know that I’m always looking for fun new games that I can spend my mornings tinkering with. The newest one that I found and can’t seem to put down is Fuel Burner, a fun puzzle game that surprises you with modern graphics and a gameplay that you can quickly learn and get used to.

The purpose of the game is to control an entire fleet of helicopters and land each one of them on top of a building before it runs out of fuel. Doing so is not very difficult, but as levels progress you will see that it’s not that easy either. The level progression was brilliantly designed, and I felt that I had time to get myself accustomed to more and more complicated levels before they became even harder.

This is one of the games that I tried on an older device, the iPhone 4S that I haven’t used for months now. I was surprised to see that it works extremely well even on it and had no issue throughout playing the game.

Fuel Burner is free in the App Store, and you can try your hand on it and see if you can control a bunch of helicopters properly and prevent a catastrophe from happening in the city. If you’re like me, the game is guaranteed to keep you busy and entertained for a while. And with frequent updates, it’s likely that it will only get better from here.