GameOn is a great social sports application that can help sports fans to keep up to date with happenings from all of their favorite teams. If you’re a busy parent, business person or anybody else that doesn’t always have the chance to sit down and watch the game, then GameOn can help you by providing in-depth play-by-plays of matches, team scores and more information.

You can use GameOn to set up a number of different channels so that different teams and sports are easy to navigate between. When games happen live, you can connect with your friends and family if they’re using GameOn too and share the experiences live. As well as being able to share details on professional games, you can create spaces to share your own team games so that your proud supporters can watch the game as it happens, even if they aren’t physically there.

GameOn has an absolutely awesome interface that’s incredibly easy to use – once you’ve taken a small two minute tour you’ll be ready to use the interface throughout without any complications or confusion.

If you and a few friends use GameOn together, you’ve already achieved the ultimate GameOn experience, but in the future we may get to see a number of other improvements to the app. Everything works great already, but in-depth play-by-plays automatically supplied by GameOn would be an awesome feature to see. GameOn is also absolutely free and there are no in-app purchases to restrict what free users have access to.