I love apps like this one, simply because they bring something new to the table. Just when you think that every new thing has already appeared in the App Store, an app like this comes along and pleasantly surprises you.
The way you use Glimpsable is this: you gather your photos of you and your friends, keep them together in one easy to access place, keep them private and away from indescrete eyes, and share them with whoever you want – and only with whoever you want.

One of the coolest things I found about this app is the way you can share it with your friends. Whenever you go to an event together – say, a concert – each of you takes a series of photos, and usually it’s quite the hassle getting all of these photos from all your friends. In older times, you would have CDs being exchanged from one person to the other, but by the time you had all the photos from all the CDs you were already behind for other events. Glimpsable makes this incredibly easy. Also, if you use the Glimpsable Camera as your default camera, then you have instant access to these photos from all of your friends. Really convenient, in my opinion!

If I were to describe Glimpsable in just a few words, it’d be “multiplayer Gallery”. You have your own personal gallery, where you keep the photos that you want to see on your own, and then you have Glimpsable, where you have all the photos you and your friends keep in one place.

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