Haypi-01Haypi Adventure: Kingdom of Glory


Haypi Adventure: Kingdom of Glory is a new strategic war game that is based on the Age of Discovery. In Haypi Adventure, players are able to take war to the sea. Players can build their own ports, sea towns and ships that can be sent out to attack other player’s bases.

The gameplay in Haypi Adventure is best compared to something like Clash of Clans or Boom Beach. You’re given the ability to build up your town and your fleet, but it takes progressively more real life time to build better upgrades.

In your town you’ll need to set up a number of defenses to try and prevent any potential attacks from other players. You’ll need to use strategic planning to organize your town. Your fleet can also be used to attack other players and the attacking strategy can be just as in-depth.

The great thing about Haypi Adventure: Kingdom of Glory when compared to others in the same genre is that it features a higher level of realism. Everything has been based on real life occurences and there is a much more lifelike graphics set.

The longer you play Haypi Adventure, the more exciting it becomes – better ships become available, just like better defensive capabilities too. Players become better at planning strategies and as a result your own strategical play will have to evolve to come out on top.

Hopefully the development team behind Haypi Adventure will continue to support it with new updates and extra additional features for the foreseeable future.