Instaviz is a very handy utility application that can be picked up and used at any point in the day. With Instaviz, you can quickly create flowcharts, diagrams or mind maps. It’s incredibly simple to use Instaviz to visualize your thoughts and record them for later reference. In simplicity, Instaviz is a note taking app, but when compared to the huge crowd of other note keeping apps, it’s clear that Instaviz offers something different. The name itself really helps to explain the concept – with Instaviz you can instantly visualize and of your thoughts, plans or ideas. Whether you want to use Instaviz for personal use or for sharing in group projects, you’ll find getting thoughts across is a lot easier when using this app.

Another great aspect of Instaviz is it’s ease of use. Instead of being forced to fumble around through various different menus and interfaces to visualize your thoughts, you can quickly create everything with your finger with minimal interaction with in-app menus. So far, Instaviz is straight forward enough that it doesn’t need much of a walk-through, but if more features were added in the future then a small guide would be nice to see. It would also be great if the application could have a slightly more colorful interface – blank white is nice for drawing on, but a small color on the menus would make the whole experience a lot better. This last point is very irrelevant when it comes to the actual performance of the app though, which for the most part, is phenomenally streamlined and useful.