icon-bambamBam Bam Squid


Bam Bam Squid is a free universal app created by a German developer, Michael Granzin.    The app starts off with some funky upbeat music, perfect for brightening up your day (my colleague told me the song is created by an Ugandian Artist).  It then walks you through the in-app tutorial.  The control is pretty similar to the infamous “Flappy Bird” where your use the tap gesture to control how high the squid swim while trying to avoid various obstacles: coral reefs, sea horses and other see creatures.   Your mission is to collect as many Sandy Andys (a type of starfish in the Bam Bam Squid universe)  as possible to boost your super powers.

To master the game, you need to use a combination electrical shocks and tornado attacks. Barbecue mode is extremely entertaining and provides a whole new flavour of the game while giving you the power to squirt ink and camouflage.   The appstore nowadays is filled with professionally made graphics and insanely details 3D animation.  It seems that people all forgot about the early creativity and individuality that make the appstore great in the first place.   The unique choice of music and graphics are brilliant and are the key ingredients to stand out from the crowd.  If you want to try out all the fancy power up without grinding through the levels, you can head straight to the in-app purchase screen to purchase whatever you fancy.

I like how this app get back to the basic of what make AppStore great in the first place:  Creative graphics and simple game play.  I would suggest the developer consider making an impossible version of this game.  The major talking points for “Flappy Bird” was its insanely difficult the game play. Bam Bam Squid could benefit from the viral nature of impossible games.

Bam Bam Squid is currently free to download.  Get it now!