If people who are interested in cars are petrolheads, are we gadget-heads? If so, I’ll wear that title proudly!

I always want to stay up to date with what’s happening in the gadget world, what’s new and what’s cool, and to do this I’ve recently subscribed to iSecrets, a magazine that you can get off of iTunes and whose very purpose is to keep you informed about the IT world.

In each issue there are news about the latest and biggest events in the tech world, a “Topic of the issue” where the hottest topic gets discussed in detail, a “iHowTo” section, where you can find some tips and tricks that you can apply in your own life, an In-Depth section where you can see some detailed app reviews or techniques and the monthly special, which is usually a surprise, and worth it!

There are a few ways to subscribe to iSecrets: you can buy 1 issue for $2.99 (and you get a 7-day free trial period at first), or subscribe to the magazine for 3 months (at a cost of $5.99) or one year (for $11.99). The magazine is a monthly, so every couple of weeks you’ll get a new issue pushed to you.

With a cool writing style and well researched articles, iSecrets won me over after looking it up in the trial period. Nowadays, I’m subscribed to it and enjoy every new issue as soon as it gets pushed to me. You can try it yourself for free and see if it’s worth subscribing!