imagesLCD Games: Alien Invasion


This is a very fun mobile game that can be played straight from your Apple Watch. It should be worth noting that without the Apple Watch you will not be able to play LCD Games: Alien Invasion. If you do have an Apple Watch and you’re looking for a bit of fun on the go, this is one of the very few games that can currently be played straight from the Apple Watch display.

In LCD Games: Alien Invasion the player takes control of Commander Snafu – in this game Commander Snafu has collected up an army of aliens in an attempt to take over the Earth. Unfortunately your alien troops cannot survive the Earth’s atmosphere and as a result they are trying to escape. The aim of the game is to save the troops so that you’ll still have a chance to take over Earth in the near future. Because of the small space and lack of room for control, the gameplay in LCD Games: Alien Invasion is very simple. You simply have to use the Apple Watch controls to move your spaceship back and forth to catch the aliens before they fall out into the harsh environment of space. Once you have completed a game you will be shown a high score screen. You can then either compare your current score with your previous high score or send it to a friend and challenge them to attempt to beat your score. This game is completely free to download and play so why not give it a go now?