App-IconLottery Live – Powerball, Megamillions And State Lotto Results


Lottery Live is considered to be the #1 app for keeping track of your lottery tickets. With Lottery Live you can track your mega millions and powerball lottery numbers and also be alerted if you manage to hit any winning numbers.

There are other applications out there that offer a similar service, but many do not have the colorful interface or extra features that come with Lottery Live. For example, not only can you get information on the latest draws with Lottery Live, but you can quickly match it up to your own picked numbers and even use a random lottery generator to give you a truly random set of numbers.

All tracking is done in real time and Lottery Live can track lotto across all 50 of the United States. To make things even easier to use, you can even use the Loterry Live app to scan your lottery ticket to instantly place your numbers into the application. Finally, if you’re trying to buy a lottery ticket in a hurry, the GPS navigation guide will take you to the nearest retailer.

We’re really surprised at just how well Lottery Live’s features perform – there never seems to be any hiccups with it’s store locators or it’s number generator. Scanning your lottery ticket needs to be done in an area with a decent level of lighting, but besides from this, Lottery Live works just as intended.

It’s clear that the developers of Lottery Live have a lot of lotto data at their disposal. There’s no telling what creative features they could come up with next.