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Movie Player+ makes it super easy to play any videos or movies from any of your devices straight to your Apple TV. Whether you have an uncommon video file saved from work on your iPad, a large movie file on your Mac or an online stream stored on your iPhone, with Movie Player+ you will easily be able to transfer your video content straight to your Apple TV via a Wi-Fi connection. Alternatively you can connect your Apple TV via ethernet for the same results. The great thing about Movie Player+ that makes it stand out from it’s competitors is that the developers are very on the ball when it comes to supporting all file formats. If there are any video formats that aren’t supported, you can bet that the developers are already working on getting it supported. Movie Player+ is also incredibly useful for managing your movie files – if you have a lot of saved movies across a variety of devices it can be a big task to track down a certain movie when you’re in the mood for watching it. With Movie Player+ you can quickly import your content from an other external devices and then use the built-in file manager to find your movies on your Apple TV. With a bit of setup, you’ll never have to worry about wasting time on finding your favorite movies ever again. Finally, the Movie Player+ app for Apple TV does support all resolutions up to 4K so you’ll be able to future proof your viewing experience whilst using this app.