i2Network Toolbox


Seeing that I’ve recommended some of the most useful apps I personally own and use, it’s a shame I haven’t recommended NetworkToolbox so far. Just like our previous recommendation, Network Toolbox should be in your front page folder at all times if you’re working in IT.

To put it in short, just about anything you would like to know about a network can be accessed through this app. To elaborate, you can analyze both local and public networks for anything from wrong configurations to major security threats. NetworkToolbox offers different types of scans, like port scanning or network IP scanning.

I usually pride myself in being quite tech savvy, but everything has a limit, and mine is advanced networking, one field where I definitely need some help. Well, not only does NetworkToolbox offer you all the tools you need in this field, but recently they have added tutorials that take you step by step and explain how each of them work.

A very quick overview of the app’s functions lists some really useful stuff: find out device information (like the IP address, network information or provider info), map search (find out exactly where on earth a client is), network scan, ping, FTP client, SSH client, SFTP client, Trace Route, Port forward, and… that’s just scratching the surface of what the app can do.

And all of this for $4.99. A bit too much for one such app, but for almost all of them combined – that’s a steal.