app-iconOut of Brakes – Endless Arcade Racing



Out of Breaks is an endless runner game that has a very unique art style. The gameplay itself is also great fun, but I’d definitely have to give points to the developer for creating something that does such a good job at captivating it’s players just through the power of colorful voxel based graphics.

Players will be able to select between a variety of different vehicles, all of which have their own appearance and specific stats. Once a vehicle is selected, the gameplay is as straightforward as can be – your objective is to dodge obstacles as you drive along a race course. It sounds easy, and the concept of it is, but when it comes down to it, there’s a significant challenge related to driving for long periods of time without crashing.

One really neat feature that helps Out of Breaks to stand out is it’s amazing physics based gameplay. When a player crashes, their vehicle will be torn to pieces and 3D blocks will fly out in every direction. The crashes in Out of Breaks can be incredible to watch. Crashing in Out of Breaks is entertaining instead of frustrating, and this is exactly how a fast paced mobile arcade game should be.

And that’s what Out of Breaks is – it’s fast paced, it can be picked up and played whenever there are a few minutes to spare and it looks absolutely gorgeous. Let’s hope the developer continues to update Out of Breaks to keep gameplay fresh and exciting.