iSecrets   If people who are interested in cars are petrolheads, are we gadget-heads? If so, I’ll wear that title proudly! I always want to stay up to date with what’s happening in the gadget world, what’s new and what’s cool, and to do this I’ve recently subscribed to iSecrets, a magazine that you can […]

Map It Out

MapItOut Today’s featured app is MapItOut: Route and Travel Planner App. I chose this one over a bunch of other map apps because it’s simply one of the best, most complete apps of this kind that I’ve used on my phone. I used this one on my recent trip abroad and found that unlike many […]

Fuel Burner

Fuel Burner   If you are a subscriber to my often app reviews here, you know that I’m always looking for fun new games that I can spend my mornings tinkering with. The newest one that I found and can’t seem to put down is Fuel Burner, a fun puzzle game that surprises you with […]

Bird Duel

Bird Duel Do you think we have enough bird games yet? I think there’s still room for a couple more. This one – Bird Duel – has a Flappy Bird feel to it, when it comes to the mechanics, at least. However, there is one aspect where the game definitely brings something new to the […]

Bus Simulator Driver 3D Free

Bus Simulator Driver 3D Free The game I most recently isntalled on my phone is called Bus Simulator Driver 3D Free. Its name is incredibly appropriate, because the game is a 3D bus simulator and… well, you’re a driver. After installing the game I actually paused and thought how much technology had advanced. Being so […]

Ninflated, a game that requires ninja-like skills

Ninflated If you’ve read some of my reviews you know that there’s one term I don’t throw around lightly, even though it is overused by a lot of reviewers and developers. But, this time, I’m ready to admit: I’ve found a truly addictive game. Ninflated is a game by AppStreet Games, and I truly think […]

Best Gin Rummy

Best Gin Rummy Over the past few days I’ve been playing a new card game on my phone. Well, the card game in itself is not new per se, but the app is new, at least to me. You might know Gin Rummy, and if you do you should give Kuralsoft’s Best Gin Rummy a […]

Let’s Fold – Origami puzzle game

Let’s Fold – Origami puzzle game There are few original games out for the iOS platform nowadays. While most are just new versions of existing games (if that!), one that’s based on a new idea is like a breath of fresh air. And it’s exactly for this reason that I chose to review Let’s Fold […]

Encode your messages with Crypto-Chat

Crypto-Chat   In recent years, the subject of privacy on the internet was brought up with increasing frequency, and people have actually started to be aware of this when making important decisions about their internet use. I know that in my case, at least, it made me more conscious about what software I use, what […]

WritePad for iPad

WritePad for iPad I’ve discussed note taking apps before, and today I thought to revisit the subject and tell you about WritePad, a note taking app designed especially for use on your iPad. If I were to describe the app in just one sentece, I’d say that it’s the best app that I’ve used to […]

Boost your ideas!

ideaBoost I’m a firm believer that technology should replace our more outdated habits. With the introduction of cloud backups, technology is now much more likely to be there for us, and safely too! This latest iPad app I’ve reviewed does just this, it helps you declutter your desk and frees space by converting the physical […]

Fuel Burner

Fuel Burner   Yay, a game that’s not based on Flappy Bird! Fuel Burner is one of the newest games available for iPhone, and it’s definitely won a place in my daily routine – at least when I’m commuting, this is all I’m doing lately. Fuel Burner is described as a strategy puzzle game, and […]

Spikko, local numbers everywhere

Spikko Whenever I travel, there are a couple of things I need to take care of in order to make my trip perfect, or at least as close to perfect as I can. The first thing I do is, obviously, to try to find a map (preferably an offline map) so that I can get […]

Bizarre Aquarium

Bizarre Aquarium   If you were born sometime in the 1990s you surely remember those pocket devices we had that hosted those “virtual pets” we all loved. Well, if you’re too young to remember them or if you didn’t catch the fad when it was cool, then you can pretty much relive the experience of […]

Emoji Cam

Emoji Cam There are default apps on your phone that do their job just fine, but we all know that there are better alternatives out there. One of these apps is the Camera, which is perfect if you want to take a quick snapshot of your life on the go, but not so great if […]

Coach Guitar

Coach Guitar If you want to learn how to play the guitar, there are tons of options out there. If you want to do it without a teacher, and if you aren’t willing to spend a ton of money to learn how to play, then Coach Guitar is one app you should definitely give a […]

Say Some More

Say Some More AAC Plus   Say Some More AAC Plus is one of the most useful apps I’ve reviewed here. What it does is help people who have speech impediments communicate better with those around them. Speech is something that most of us take for granted most of the time, but those who are […]

Network Toolbox

Network Toolbox Seeing that I’ve recommended some of the most useful apps I personally own and use, it’s a shame I haven’t recommended NetworkToolbox so far. Just like our previous recommendation, Network Toolbox should be in your front page folder at all times if you’re working in IT. To put it in short, just about […]

Travel Buddies

Travel Buddies Do you like to travel? If you’re like me, you do. And if you’re like me, you have a whole folder on your screen packed full of travel apps that you use for either this on that on the road. The latest addition to my travel folder is Travel Buddies, a nifty little […]


PhoneDoctor+ Today’s app recommendation is PhoneDoctor+, which is the swiss army knife of monitoring apps. The app provides you with the tools that you need to unlock the full power of your smartphone. Unlike our computers, our phones are locked tight and the only way we can see what’s going on inside is through the […]

Sea Missle

Sea Missle   It seems like the latest trend when it comes to iOS games, and mobile games in general for that matter, consist of simple, downright minimal games that require skill. I’ve been a long time fan of this genre, so that’s why I took the chance to make today’s iPhone game recommendation: a […]

Spot the Difference

Spot the Difference   Ok, I promise to not let game titles get to me. After this one, of course. Today’s game is another one of those fun, catchy apps that has a name destined to fill five rows in a title: “Spot the Difference & Win Free Amazon Gift Cards in this pic puzzle […]

Create a Will with MyLivingWill

MyLivingWill In my continued search for the best app with a unique concept, I present you My Living Will. Creating a will is on most of our to-do lists, even if we’re not ill or shooting off into space and being forced to create one, “just in case”. In general, it is a really good […]

Become a Cooking Expert

MyCookingApp-Pro I recently started to actually cook my own food, and I found out that good cooking apps aren’t as wide spread as I though they were. Granted, many of them have cool recipes, but for a beginner like myself it’s difficult to start off with fancy recipes that I certainly cannot master. Also, I […]

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