Your Friend In All Things Finance, FinBuddy

FinBuddy In this day and age it has become increasingly easier to get involved into the world of finance. There are tons of resources available for every knowledge and experience level, and keeping an eye on your investments has become easier than ever. And it is here that apps like Finbuddy excel. Finbuddy is an […]

Cockatoo for iTunes

Cockatoo for iTunes Today’s recommendation is, I think, the first app recommendation which isn’t an app for the iPhone, nor for the iPad. If you’re a Mac owner, this is directed straight at you. Cockatoo for iTunes is a great replacement for iTunes on Macs, without actually really replacing iTunes. Basically, it allows you to […]

1000+ Cool HD Wallpapers

1000+ Cool HD Wallpapers Free for iOS 7 I hate having the same wallpaper for a long time. Depending on the specific wallpaper, I will get bored of it in a matter of days, or even faster. That’s why I always save wallpapers from the internet, and that’s why my phone and my computer are […]

iSee360, do you See360?

iSee 360 iSee360 is one of the most inventive new apps I’ve seen in a while. While most new releases are just re-re-releases of the same played out concept, iSee360 actually puts a new spin on an old activity. To put it really shortly, if you have something to sell, iSee360 can help you show […]

Super Gnome

Super Gnome Super Gnome is a fun, colorful and free game that I recently discovered. In it, you control a happy little red hatted gnome whose goal is to jump ever higher and break all other jumping records. The gnome is constantly jumping, and you control what happens to him by tilting your screen left […]

Stop Now before the Green

Stop Now before the Green   “stop now,before the green-Strongest brain training!” is a fun game that takes the whole “2048” concept and twists it into something new. Bascially, as you might well know from actually driving a car, red means stop and green means go – this is what the whole game revolves around. […]

System Monitor Utility

System Monitor Utility   There are a ton of things happening just behind your smartphone’s screen. The way we use our devices, we just put them into our pockets and forget that they even exist until the next time they vibrate or ring. But the truth is that there is even more going on there […]


OOMF!   OOMF! is one of the most fun platformers I’ve tried recently. Well, technically, I would call this game a “first person platformer”, as your goal in the game is to go as far as you can for as long as you can. In OOMF! you play as Floyd, the friendly worker at the […]

Word Search with a Twist

Word Search Multiplayer Multilingual Vocabulary Building Game I don’t know why, but all of the cool new games I find have titles that seem to go on forever. Today’s recommendation is no exception: it is one of the most interesting word puzzles I have seen, one that takes the simple word puzzle game concept and […]

Protect your photos with BitAmulet

BitAmulet BitAmulet is a one of a kind app – I’ve been using smartphones since the first generation iPhone and I’ve yet to see something remotely similar to it. Its developers describe Bit Amulet as being a “digital charm made for protecting photos from evil eye”. Since the concept is totally new to me, it […]

Tweak your diet with FoodTweeks

FoodTweeks You only need to check out Food Tweeks once to see just how much more than a simple app it is. Food Tweeks has three main features that make it absolutely incredible through its simplicity: First, it removes calories from your food. This is what it’s all about, after all – the less calories […]


Puzzlesque Today’s featured game is called Puzzlesque, and it’s quite an ingenious little game too! I thought long and hard about how I could best describe the app, but that proved to be a challenge almost as big as the ones provided by Puzzlesque! Basically, the game introduces an innovative new type of puzzles that […]

Daughters of Zion Magazine

Daughters of Zion Magazine – Christian Articles for Women of Faith We continue our magazine-reading apps with Daughters of Zion Magazine. Much like the previous magazine we have reviewed, the Mountain Top Lifestyle Magazine, the Daughters of Zion Magazine app is built as a method to deliver content to your iPad quickly, easily and efficiently. […]

Mountain Top Lifestyle Magazine

Mountain Top Lifestyle Magazine   Mountain Top Lifestyle Magazine is an app that delivers the magazine under the same name straight to your iPad – every time a new issue comes out, just open the app and check it out! First of all, let’s talk about the interface: it’s simple, user friendly and the design […]

Nano C, a programmer’s dream

Nano C   Nano C is our latest addition to the list of the most useful apps out there. If you are stuck somewhere that’s not home, if you don’t have your computer or any other gadget at your disposal that can let you code in peace, then it’s Nano C to the rescue! This […]


BingoDab   One of the most popular type of games on the internet right now is the “online casino” type game. Porting these games to mobile platforms like iOS or Android was probably one of the smartest things I’ve seen in the last years – even if you’re not earning real money, these games are […]

Take a ride… A Country Ride

Country Ride Our second game recommendation of the day is one that’s intended for a totally different audience. Country Ride is a high-speed, adrenaline fueled racing game that takes you along a bunch of different sceneries in the race for the number one spot. The graphics on Country Ride are nothing to laugh at – […]

Cooties Doctor

Cooties Doctor Cooties Doctor is a game that’s not for everyone – that much is certain. But if you’re not looking for philosophy or a ton of maturity in your games, this one will be a lot of fun. If you’re a teenage girl, for instance, this game will keep you glued to your phone […]

Sweet Game Alert – Choc Stacker

Choc Stacker Choc Stacker is our last recommendation of the day – after bringing you some cool apps, it’s time to unwind with a fun game! Choc Stacker puts a new spin on the Block Stacking games, and it’s not all about the graphics – there are some new additions to the old concept, and […]

Epic Photos with Epica

Epica If you have the habit of testing out new apps every now and then you’ve definitely heard about Epica before. Epica is a camera app, but it’s so much more than *just* a camera app. If most of these kinds of cameras allow you to edit the photos you take, either before actually snapping […]

Mirror, Mirror on the wall is advertised as being “your very own personal stylist with artificial intelligence”. Honestly, the developers do a great job at summarizing what their app is all about. As a guy, I sometimes have no clue what to wear, even though I have nowhere near the amount of clothes a girl might have. This […]

An App To Help Stutterers

How to Stop Stuttering-Proactive Speaking Mobile Speech Trainer iPhone App One of the most useful types of apps I can think of is the one that actually helps you overcome a real world problem. There is currently a huge number of issues – both physical and psychological – that can be alleviated with some iPhone […]

Dance, baby, Dance!

Don’t Step Off the Dance Floor Premium: The Tiny Disco Tile Game with No Ads! Today’s featured app is called Don’t Step Off the Dance Floor Premium: The Tiny Disco Tile Game with No Ads!. For our sanity’s sake, let’s refer to it as Don’t Step Off the Dance Floor. This is a funny, funky […]

Build more on your iPad

Build+ A game that I really liked is one that I just recently found, having stumbled upon it earlier this week. Build+ is an open world game with a simple premise: it mimics the world around us and allows us to play with it, on our iPads. The game has very realistic physics which make […]

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