iconPeace of Mind – Ad and Content Blocker


Peace of Mind is a special ad blocker for iPhones and iPads that gives the user control over what content they can block. With a range of three switches and three different strength settings, this app is one of the best options for taking control of the advertisements being shared to you online. The first switch is the main switch most users will need and with this you’ll be able to turn the ad blocker on and off. The second switch controls a block for media data – this is useful if you’re on a limited data plan because media data can suck a lot from your plan in a very short time span. The third switch allows you to activate a block on privacy snooping. With this block on you can protect your data to stop targeted advertisers from using your information to provide you with targeted ads. Like mentioned above, there is also a strength control – you can use this to determine the strength of your ad blocker. At the lowest setting, soft, exceptions for certain ads and advertisement methods are pretty lenient. Medium offers a more controlled environment whilst strong completely blocks out all ads and ad media. If you’d like to support your favorite content providers you can also add certain channels or websites to your whitelist so that the ad blocker rules do not apply to these. On top of all of these great settings, Peace of Mind comes with a slick interface and a built in tutorial to help you get to grips with things.