Today’s app recommendation is PhoneDoctor+, which is the swiss army knife of monitoring apps. The app provides you with the tools that you need to unlock the full power of your smartphone. Unlike our computers, our phones are locked tight and the only way we can see what’s going on inside is through the interface – and that doesn’t give out a ton of information, either.

PhoneDoctor+ changes all that by allowing you to keep a close eye on what your phone is doing. It monitors no less than 25 different sensors and tells you what your phone is actually up to. Most of the times, this is a cool thing to see, but every now and then the app will really be useful – for instance, I got this app to test it out and a couple of hours later I couldn’t get through to my friend no matter how many times I tried calling. No problemo, I opened up PhoneDoctor+ and found that my phone was actually connecting with the GSM station and the 3G was working properly – so that meant the problem wasn’t on my end, and I was free to relax.

The app is a perfect blend between cool and useful and it costs just $2.99. If I’m going to use it from now on as much as I have so far, in the long run the app will pay for itself tenfold. If you want to see what’s “behind the screen” of your phone, definitely check out PhoneDoctor+.