Pushdot is a convenient iOS application that can be used to quickly send contact and social media information via different channels. With a wide range of emails, social media platforms and IM apps being used, it’s sometimes hard to manually keep track of all of your accounts. With Pushdot, you can tap a single dot to send your contact information from various supported platforms straight to those who ask. Pushdot supports LinkedIn, Skype, your phone number, your email, Google+, Twitter, Facebook and many other popular platforms. The interface in Pushdot is also very smooth and it’s design makes navigating all of the menus incredibly easy. You don’t even need help or a tutorial to learn how to use Pushdot because it is that simple. On top of being able to send a single social media profile or email, you can choose any number of platforms in a combination and send them straight to other people with the Pushdot application. For example, if a business associate asked for your email, Skype and Twitter profile, you could quickly tap all three of these dots in the Pushdot application and quickly send the information to your business associate. Whilst it does make things easier if both you and your recipient has Pushdot, you can still send contact information to those who do not have the application installed. You can send your Pushdot contact information via email or other supported platforms and your recipient will find it just as easy to connect to you.