1Say Some More AAC Plus


Say Some More AAC Plus is one of the most useful apps I’ve reviewed here. What it does is help people who have speech impediments communicate better with those around them. Speech is something that most of us take for granted most of the time, but those who are less fortunate welcome such a solution.

Say Some More isn’t like any other app I’ve reviewed because it’s not one of those superficial, shiny apps that you install on an impulse and then never use again. It’s designed by a special education teacher to help people with speech disabilities, and it shows. The app is easy to use, quick to learn and fast. You can compose a message in a matter of seconds and have the app read it aloud for you. And – as I said before – while most of us take that for granted, it’s a lot more than some can do.

The app has several voices to choose from (like a synthesized voice or a pre-recorded human voice), so it can be somewhat customized. You can add pictures to your text and make your message as complete as possible. Designed with accessibility and ease of use in mind, it really shows that the app is something else.

If you want to test it out, Say Some More is available right now on the App Store, and the price tag is a bit hefty: $29.99. However, I would consider pick it up if I needed it despite the price.