icon5Spot the Difference


Ok, I promise to not let game titles get to me. After this one, of course. Today’s game is another one of those fun, catchy apps that has a name destined to fill five rows in a title: “Spot the Difference & Win Free Amazon Gift Cards in this pic puzzle game!”. Spot the Difference, as we’ll call it in our brief presentation, is a puzzle game that will take you back to the wild west.

Basically, the gameplay is as simple as can be: you are shown two photos, and as the title so eloquently points out, you should find as many differences between the two images as you can. Some of the differences will take you no longer than a couple of seconds to notice, but on the other hand you have some which are frustratingly difficult. The game’s length lets you play for a really long time, as at this moment there are more than five hundred unique levels for you to play through.

Spot the Difference is free in the App Store right now, and if you do your job right – finding all the differences in as short amount of time as possible, you even have a chance to win something for yourself – those free Amazon gift cards that are advertised by the developers.

All in all, Spot the Difference is a good adaptation of an older game concept, perfect for wasting some time when you’re bored or when you really feel like stretching your brain in a game.