iconSweet Jar


Sweet Jar is a cool little app and I am kicking myself for not finding it just a week earlier – it could have made my Valentine’s Day a lot better!

Basically, the app has a virtual jar you can fill up with virtual candy. All you have to do is choose the type of candy and the amount of candy in the jar, and add a custom label and have it read whatevery ou want. You do this by dragging the candy into the virtual jar until it’s full.

This would be a pretty cool app, and a nice gimmick to keep you entertained for a couple of minutes, if it wouldn’t be for a small detail I haven’t yet mentioned: you can take the jar of candy you made with Sweet Jar and have it sent to your home. Yep, the app actually takes the virtual jar you played around with on your iPhone or your iPad and turn it into a real jar of candy, ready to be shipped out to you or to your loved one. This is why I’m still angry about not finding this app a bit earlier, it would have made for a perfect Valentine’s Day gift!

I haven’t tried out shipping yet (my jar is still on route), but based on the feedback other users have given it’s just as good and as delicious as described. You can try the app yourself and see if the candy variety is to your liking by following the link and checking out Sweet Jar!