DIYAppReview has been getting paid to write app reviews and advertising since the launch of first iPhone. Incredibly, more than 85% of all clients who utilize DIYAppReview’s app review and advertising service once do so repeatedly. Full-page Ads created by DIYAppReview have appeared in over 130 different apps, facebook and other websites, some ads enjoying lifespans of 2, 3, even 5 years. Pay Per Install campaigns created by DIYAppReivew have generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in revernue, in over 30 different paid apps, in-app purchase and other ad revenue. Over 10 different apps marketing campaign handled by DIYAppReview have each generated over a hundred thousand dollars in sales. DIYAppReview has been paid as much as $27,000 in royalties from one ad campaign. Their national known, major clients have included, Coach Guitar, MileBug, Worldictionary, WorldCard Mobile and My Virtual Girlfriend, although they prefers working with smaller, entrepreneurial companies.

DIYAppReview is the author of a “bible” on app marketing, 87 Growth Hacking Tips for App Entrepreneurs, first published in 2014, and in sales continuously online ever since.
DIYAppReview has also trained and coached countless entrepreneurs to high level of proficiency as app marketer for their own app businesses, as well as over a dozen who become highly paid app marketing consultants.

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