i1Travel Buddies


Do you like to travel? If you’re like me, you do. And if you’re like me, you have a whole folder on your screen packed full of travel apps that you use for either this on that on the road. The latest addition to my travel folder is Travel Buddies, a nifty little app that I can’t wait to try out on my next trip.

Travel Buddies isn’t just an app, it’s more like a social network for like-minded people who love to travel. Basically, you can easily find a travel buddy with the use of this service and communicate with people that are either tourists in the same place you are, or they are heading to the same place you are. You can get in touch with them, share pictures and recommendations for attractions nearby (or further away).

The interface is light and neat – it’s not filled with a ton of unnecessary features just for the hell of it, and it works really smoothly, with snappy transitions and fast loading times. The app costs just $0.99, which is a fraction of what your actual travel costs are going to set you back. I tried out the app in my home town, since I thought it would be a bit easier than going abroad for the purpose of testing it, and to my surprise there were a couple of people around me which I could get in touch with.

So if you want to improve your travel arsenal, Travel Buddies should be on your list of apps to check out!