bear-01Treehoven Bear Family Activities Jigsaw Puzzles


Treehoven Bear Family Activities Jigsaw Puzzles is a fun game designed for younger players. Whether you let your child play Treehoven Bear Family Activities on their own or if you play alongside them, your child is bound to have a lot of fun.

This app does cost $1.99 but once you’ve paid this initial price, you’ll be given an ad-free experience that is filled with a variety of different puzzles. The puzzles start from just 4 pieces per puzzle and can go all the way up to 32 pieces per puzzle. Obviously for older children or adults this may be a little too easy, but it should definitely suit the younger kids.

The app is fairly straightforward too. When a new puzzle is started, a blank page is displayed with a number of puzzle pieces scrambled on it. The player will need to pick up each of the puzzle pieces and place them into the right positions. In the settings menu you can choose the number of pieces for each puzzle, the size of the jigsaw puzzles and choose to rotate the puzzle pieces so that it’s harder to work out where each piece goes.

To help out players that get stuck, there is a magnifying glass button that will show players the finished version of any puzzle they are working for. So far there are a handful of puzzles in Treehoven Bear Family Activities. For $1.99, the amount you are given isn’t bad, but let’s hope more are added in the future!



  • Robert Brooker

    Hi all From The Team at treehovenland we have 3 more seasons of artwork all ready created the next season due is Fall ( Autumn) soon to come out