veer-01Veer Launcher


Veer Launcher is a useful app that can be integrated into your everyday life. With Veer Launcher, dealing with contacts, getting in touch with your friends and making calls is made a lot easier than standard iOS functionality allows for.

With a bit of setting up, you are able to place all of your favorite contacts into Veer Launcher – you can give each contact their own personal information and separate image so that it’s easy to search between contacts. After you set up basic contact information, you can add contact options, including phone number, location and other data.

Once you have set up contact options, your contacts will have a set of quick actions by their names. For example, with a tap of a button you’ll now be able to make a call, send a text message or contact them via other means. By keeping all information of your contacts in one place, you’ll no longer have to go through different applications to try and get their attention.

There are very few apps out there that offer a similar experience to Veer Launcher, especially when you take the slick user interface of Veer into consideration. The app is colorful, fits in well with the appearance of the rest of the iOS interface and is easy to understand.

Hopefully over time the developers behind Veer Launcher will add more features for their users to make use of. For now though, if you are looking for a better way to manage contact information and the different ways you can contact them, this app is definitely worth checking out.