iWritePad for iPad


I’ve discussed note taking apps before, and today I thought to revisit the subject and tell you about WritePad, a note taking app designed especially for use on your iPad. If I were to describe the app in just one sentece, I’d say that it’s the best app that I’ve used to turn my iPad into an old-fashioned notepad. Granted, I use it with a stylus and write down a ton of stuff, but you could use it just as well just with your finger.

WritePad works surprisingly well in understanding even the ugliest of handwritings, as long as they’re not utter gibberish. I can definitely attest to that, since I’ve got a doctor’s handwriting even though I’m not a doctor. It then converts your notes to digital text, and uses a spell checker to improve any mistakes that might have slipped through. The app is also packed with other quick solutions that are meant to reduce the usage time – you have simple gestures at your disposal that you can use to copy and paste snippets of text, select and cut and even insert special characters. After you’re done with everything you can even set up a cloud sync and save your notes on iCloud, Dropbox, or Google Drive.

And this is just scratching the surface. WritePad costs $7.99 and so far it’s been worth every penny. For me, it’s been a great tool and frequent updates constantly make it better. You can give WritePad a go by trying it out in the App Store.