YouMail is one of the best rated productivity apps on the App Store. This personal assistant app has quickly gained popularity and critical acclaim due to its functionality, features and simplicity. With over 6 million users, over 14k reviews and international awards, it is clearly an app that you must try at least once on your iPhone.

I was using this app for the last week and I can easily say that all this hype around it is deserved. It is a simple, tidy, neat and highly functional personal assistant app. It allows you to check your voicemails, create smart greetings, block unwanted calls and identify the calls you are receiving. I have tried it with several numbers and a couple of different voice mails and it works like a charm.

The app is free, but if you want some advanced features you will have to upgrade to the premium version. The premium version offers some exquisite features like voice to text. This feature sounded interesting and I must say that they made it highly functional. Their transcriber software is top notch.

You will also get a Visual Caller ID, dedicated voicemail number and even possibility to unmask blocked callers.

The business version of the app includes all these features and a few others, like auto-reply and auto-forward. Although these features sound interesting, regular users probably should stick with the premium version and leave the business version to the big boys.

At the end of the day YouMail is an easy to use communication app. First released in 2009, it is still one of the most powerful productivity and communication apps on the App Store. The free version is enough for the starters and we were pretty satisfied with the Premium version as well. Nice app to have on your iPhone.