In this day and age it has become increasingly easier to get involved into the world of finance. There are tons of resources available for every knowledge and experience level, and keeping an eye on your investments has become easier than ever. And it is here that apps like Finbuddy excel.

Finbuddy is an app that helps you make the right decision by providing you with fast and easy stock and portfolio analysis, and even suggest some investment ideas that you might not already know of. They will analyze any portfolio in just a couple of seconds and help you understand the quality of your portfolio at a glance. What’s more, they will track any changes in that particular portfolio and you have the option of setting alerts whenever something new pops up.

In addition to this, Finbuddy gives you the option to import your existing portfolio from Yahoo! Finance, so you won’t be forced to start from scratch. There’s also a useful option to collaborate with your friends and ensure that you make the right decision when it matters.

As for the design and usability of the app, I think that it’s good enough that even a beginner would have no trouble navigating through the main functions (and discovering them, for that matter). The design is in line with the latest iOS guidelines, and it simply looks awesome on my phone.

Finbuddy is free in the App Store, and whether you’re looking to start your foray into the world of finance or you’re looking for a new companion app, it’s definitely worth giving a shot.